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Pandemic Update

Monday 23 November 2020



We are taking orders for cheese and festive pork pies.

Due to the difficult circumstances we all find ourselves in, we are unable to stock cheese for counter service. Please download our simple order form, email us, phone us or pop-in to place your order for Christmas.

A Big Thank You

We would like to thank everyone who visits us, despite their own difficulties, during these challenging times.

We’ll ARE back !

Diary Dates

Wednesday 25th November – Reopen for takeaway

Wednesday 2nd December – Café reopens, hopefully!

We’ll see very you soon.

Check with us online for the latest news.
We update our social media and website most days.

Here’s to a busy, safe few weeks before Christmas.

Just off junction 48 of the A1.

Follow the A6055 for Boroughbridge and you’ll see us on the High Street.

Lockdown Opening Hours


Last orders in the café around 3:30pm

Phone Orders and Enquiries

01423 323037

Deli Takeaway

Below you’ll find a link to our takeaway menu.
As events continue to move like shifting sand beneath all our feet, we’re simply taking each day as it comes, changing things as we go. Please expect that what we tell you today may well not apply tomorrow!
A phone call is probably a good idea!

Pre-prepared Sandwiches

At the moment, we’re preparing a range of delicious, generously filled sandwiches, prepared fresh at the beginning of the day.

You may choose to phone-in your order.

This week’s Sandwich Fillings

Tuna mayo, salt, pepper, lettuce
Ham salad, fresh sliced, with mayo
Mature cheddar and apple chutney
Lemon chicken, lettuce

Sweet chilli tuna
Chicken Tikka with yogurt & mint
Egg mayo, salt, pepper, lettuce

On gorgeous medium-sliced brown bread
Updated: 10/11/2020


The café is closed until Wednesday 2nd December.

Café menu

Coming soon

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Bowe & Co.

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Made by hand

on the premises

every day



using locally sourced ingredients

We make our own chicken liver paté. We make our own, unique, delicious salads. We make our own scones. We make our own, exceptional quiches—like you’ve never tasted before. And we make them all to our own recipes developed through years of experience.

Everything is made on the premises, fresh every day.

Yes, it’s hard work, but it’s worth it to provide what is becoming rare: Wholesome, tasty food which is both healthy and a consummate treat.


We offer a handmade selection of vegetarian salads, delicious quiche, simply the best bacon butties or unbeatable local sausage sandwiches. Choose small meals or combine them into veritable feasts. We accommodate snacks for the kids, a wide range of teas, and the greatest coffee in the world – all delivered to your table by our happy staff in our cosy little café.

Prefer takeaway?

Call us | Email us | Browse our deli counter.

Tea, anyone?

We have all the tea you can drink and, of course, THE PROPER BREW. You’re in God’s own country so expect nothing less.

Then there’s the fussy stuff; delicious, but sometimes difficult to pronounce, and too numerous to list here. So there’s some pictures…


In association with

We bring you the best coffee…
in the world, nearly.

Because life’s too short for bad coffee

It took us years to find a good roast. You see, there is one upside to travelling away from Yorkshire and on to the continent: The coffee! Continental people enjoy a big advantage over Yorkshire folk. You can easily find great coffee wherever you go… So we thought, “We can’t have that,” and set out to find the best in Britain; the good stuff and no messing about. Like I said, it took a while, and as often happens with these things, while we weren’t looking they found us. You might say it was an accident. Anyway, believe me, while we were looking we tasted a lot of mediocre, bad and extremely terrible coffee, while being told how good it was; roasted in this way or that; Arabica, Robusta wot-not and such… We nearly gave up. Then, one afternoon, Caffe Vinci persuaded us to give them a try. Now, the best coffee in the world, nearly, is available in our little part of Yorkshire. Barmy!

Partnered with our British suppliers in Middlesbrough, we can pretty much nearly guarantee that you’ll be hard pushed to find a better cup-o-coffee anywhere else.


Having a bit of a do?

Cakes | Quiche | Sandwiches

Depending on your requirements, we can prepare lovely sandwiches, salads, quiche platters and whole cakes for small gatherings.

Call us to discuss your requirements, or better still, pop-in for a chat.