Covid Notes

We entirely support all reasonable efforts and temporary legal requirements which aim to reduce the spread of Covid-19.

We follow the science by reading widely and by actually reading some of the studies and papers produced on what is a wide-ranging subject, from vaccine development and efficacy, to the statistical methods and results which quantify and track the pandemic. We follow the on-going impact of Covid-19 in other countries and globally, and also do our best to keep abreast of government decisions and guidance.

We aim to provide a comfortable and pleasant place of customers to relax and shop in an otherwise hesitant and uncertain social environment, and work to play our part in the learning process of living alongside Covid. We do our best to meet the challenges presented by Covid-19 with a soft touch wherever possible.

29 July 2020


The café is well ventilated and we maintain a spacious table layout. We have always provided table service but continue to make hand sanitiser available on entry. Our café menu is displayed on the wall and will remain so until we can get round to printing menus for the tables.

Social Distancing

Social distancing is haphazard by nature. It is impossible not to be within 1-2 metres of everyone all the time. Nevertheless, prior to the lifting of restrictions on 19 July, most people seemed to be trying to do their best with this measure. We now anticipate that awareness and observation of social distancing will fade away.


We believe masks are an effective measure for reducing transmission of Covid-19, providing everyone wears them and they are used as part of a suite of measures including, good ventilation, social distancing and cleanliness.

Since the legal requirement was removed on 19 July, the wearing of masks has become contentious. Government guidance states that people should exercise personal judgment, but it also states that masks are ‘expected’ in certain settings. We find this problematic because we are powerless to enforce guidance, and in the context of settings such as ours, the open nature of this guidance makes the subject wide-open to debate, disagreement and bad feeling. We have no desire to argue with customers about their mask habits when they come to buy lunch or simply want to kick-back with a coffee.

Furthermore, the nature of the guidance leads us to the view that mask wearing will naturally decline over the coming weeks, particularly in smaller settings like ours, where policies other than the vagaries of government guidance are impossible to uniformly and consistently enforce without friction. We believe that the wearing of masks will also become increasingly less consistent as more people become accustomed to the fact that they are no longer compelled to do so. It is already a fact that in all settings, some people are wearing masks and others are not. This negates any benefit afforded by masks.

Therefore, wearing a mask is entirely optional for customers and staff in the shop and café.

03 March 2021

We shall be open for takeaway from 10 March 2020 before reopening the café in May.

07 January 2021



No doubt you will be aware that on 4 January another national lockdown was announced — 8PM ON A MONDAY NIGHT !!

We gave it a go but we are unable to remain open on takeaway only, so today we decided to close until it’s possible for us to re-open.

We’ll keep you posted.

Thank You
A big “thank you” to every one of our valued customers who continue to support us during these challenging times. You turn-up most days, rain or shine and it is always great to see you. To say the least, the past year has been very difficult for everyone we know and we cannot express how grateful we are for everyone’s efforts and support. It appears we will have to close yet again during this, the third lockdown within a year, in order to conserve our resources and simply to survive. We shall miss you all, but please be assured – WE SHALL RETURN.

Once you have deciphered the word salad they call ‘Covid guidance’, please do as we shall be doing and do your absolute best to be ‘guided’. Barring any more surprises or—and this is wishful thinking—any further incompetence from Blowris Jobson and his insouciant cattle market collection of absurdly self-aggrandising egomaniacs, then hopefully we will meet again sooner rather than later.

Our best wishes to you all. Please stay safe.

Liz, Adrian & Rachel

23 November 2020

Re-opening. Hooray!

We will be open on Wednesday 25th November


We are taking orders for cheese and festive pork pies.

Due to the difficult circumstances we all find ourselves in, we are unable to stock cheese for counter service. Please download our simple order form, email us, phone us or pop-in to place your order for Christmas.

A Big Thank You

We would like to thank everyone who visits us, despite their own difficulties, during these challenging times.

Diary Dates

  • Wednesday 25th November – Reopen for takeaway
  • Wednesday 2nd December – Café reopens, hopefully!

We’ll see very you soon.

Check with us online for the latest news.
We update our social media and website most days.

Here’s to a busy, safe few weeks before Christmas.

10 November 2020

The café is closed until Wednesday 2nd December.

12 August 2020

Covid-19 has hit us hard. We are operating on reduced staff and our opening hours depend on demand. the busier we are the longer we stay open.

June 2020

As events continue to move like shifting sand beneath all our feet, we’re simply taking each day as it comes, changing things as we go. Please expect that what we tell you today may well not apply tomorrow!
A phone call is probably a good idea!

March 2020

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